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2022 Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion - Imposter Syndrome: Confronting the Career Development Monster Hiding Under the Bed
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Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion


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We want to celebrate and promote diversity in our membership. We know this will not only improve our sense of community and belonging but ultimately result in better science and improved care for the communities we serve. 
Imposter Syndrome:  Confronting the Career Development Monster Hiding Under the Bed
Junior and senior members of ACMG have heard comments like this in the past “As an underrepresented minority, it is very difficult to navigate these relatively homogeneous spaces with minimal support. It is hard not to take these emotions home every-single day”; “Do you all have any advice for how to deal with imposter syndrome?”   During this one-hour interactive session, Dr. Ericka Boone will provide practical tools on confronting and quieting Imposter Syndrome.




Meet the Faculty


Fabiola Quintero-Rivera, MD, FACMG

School of Medicine, University of California Irvine (UCI)


Maria Laura Duque Lasio, MD

University of Utah



Ericka Boone, PhD


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