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2020 Annual Meeting Exhibit Theaters
Exhibit Theaters

Asuragen, Inc.

Looking Beyond Copy Number: Broad SMN1 and SMN2 Profiling in under Four Hours with the AmplideX® PCR/CE SMN1/2 Plus Kit (RUO)

BioNano Genomics

Characterization of Clinically Relevant Repeats in the Human Genome

emedgene Technologies LTD

The Utility of Machine Learning for Genomic Analysis and Reanalysis in Clinical Genetics Labs

Fabric Genomics

Applying AI to genome and variant interpretation to decrease effort and turnaround time in NGS clinical tests

Illumina, Inc.

Unlocking the Fully Featured Genome: Validating Short Tandem Repeats by Genome Sequencing in the Illumina Clinical Services Lab


A New 526-Gene Expanded Carrier Test: Development, Validation, and Early Data

PerkinElmer Genomics

Exploring the Advantages and Applications of Genome Sequencing in the Clinical Setting


Fact Check Your NIPT: De-bunking Common Myths About cfDNA Testing for Aneuploidy

Variantyx, Inc.

The Exome Blind Spot: Genomes Catch What Exomes Miss

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