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2021 ACMG Annual Clinical Genetics Meeting Digital Edition
Access Begins on July 19, 2021
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Expand Your Learning with the 2021 ACMG Annual Clinical Genetics Meeting Digital Edition 

Our Digital Edition offers you the convenience of learning on your own time from the comfort of your home. It’s easier than ever before to watch – and re-watch – your favorite sessions from the 2021 virtual meeting including:

  • Diversity in Clinical Genetics Practices Around the World
  • Genomic Informatics on Clinical Service and Approaches to Evaluate the Unknown/Uncertain
  • Chromatinopathies: An Expanding Clinical Spectrum
  • Genetic Health Disparities: From Biology to Healthcare Delivery Systems
  • Genetic Counselor Forum: In Utero Fetal Molecular Therapies: Present State and Future Applications
  • TED-Style Talks
  • ACMG 2021 Cardinal Signs
  • The Heart of the Matter - Congenital Cardiac Disease and Pregnancy

Registration includes access to videos of course presentations, slides, and the ability to claim CME, General CEU's, and P.A.C.E.®, credits through 7/19/2023.

This activity has been approved for AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™

This event has been submitted to the National Society of Genetic Counselors (NSGC) for approval of Category 1 CEUs. The American Board of Genetic Counseling (ABGC) accepts CEUs approved by NSGC for purposes of recertification. Approval for the requested CEUs and Contact Hours is currently pending.  

Access Begins on July 19, 2021

Course Information

Date of Release: July 19, 2021

CME, General CEU's, P.A.C.E.® Expiration Date: July 19, 2023

Estimate time of completion: 62 hours

Course must be completed by the expiration date


Course Description

The 2021 ACMG Annual Clinical Genetics Meeting Digital Edition presents both research and clinical topics that promote the science and the practice of clinical genetics and genomics. Sessions focus on the latest discoveries of the etiology and the pathogenesis of genetic disorders, the latest developments in genetic testing and screening, the laboratory’s role in the diagnosis of genetic disorders, the treatment of genetic disorders in children and adults, the delivery of genetic services, and more.

This course contains accredited sessions with recorded content and live Q&A, ondemand sessions, scientific sessions, and platform sessions.

Target Audience

All healthcare professionals interested in the diagnosis, management, treatment and prevention of genetic conditions and increasing their understanding of the genetic basis of common, chronic health problems affecting both children and adults will find the programming applicable to their practice. These select sessions from the ACMG Annual Meeting are targeted for the following professionals:

  • Medical and clinical geneticists; genetic counselors; pediatric, obstetric, and maternal-fetal specialists; and all medical practitioners who are providing comprehensive diagnostic, management, and counseling services for patients with, or at risk for, genetically influenced health problems
  • Laboratory directors and technicians who conduct genetic testing
  • Researchers involved in the discovery of genetic disorders and treatments
  • Clinical, laboratory and research trainees of genetics and all biomedical sciences
  • Any healthcare and public health professionals who have an in interest in medical and clinical genetics and genomics
  • Advocates for patients with genetic conditions and their families

Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of this session, participants should be able to:

  • Describe the advances in genetic testing including prenatal and postnatal indications, gene panels, genome sequencing, interpretation, genetic counseling, and ethical and legal issues.
  • Review select rare and common genetic disorders, from developmental disabilities to cancer predisposition syndromes, and learn about novel therapeutic approaches including gene editing.
  • Review select inborn errors of metabolism, approaches to their diagnoses and treatment, as well as new disorders on the recommended uniform screening panel.
  • Discuss challenges of the COVID 19 pandemic and different solutions to deliver the tripartite mission of clinical care, education, and research in medical genetics.
  • Describe a potpourri of issues relating to medical genetics including history; ethical, legal and regulatory issues; health disparities, job negotiation; and many others.
Accredited Sessions


Laboratory Diagnostic Challenges (Constitutional and Neoplastic Cases in Molecular, Cytogenomic, and Biochemical Genetics Specialties)

Genomic Informatics on Clinical Service and Approaches to Evaluate the Unknown/Uncertain: An Interactive Workshop

Chromatinopathies: An Expanding Clinical Spectrum  

The Heart of the Matter - Congenital Cardiac Disease and Pregnancy

Heritable Human Genome Editing in Clinical Practice: Scientific, Social, Ethical, and Legal Perspectives   

Adult and Cancer Diagnostic Challenges

Excellence in Medical Genetics and Genomics Through Diversity

Telegenetics: Before, During and After COVID-19

Gene-Based Medicines to Treat Metabolic Disorders: Progress and Perspectives     

Hot Topics: Pushing the Boundaries of Genome Sequencing

Genetic Counselor Forum: In Utero Fetal Molecular Therapies: Present State and Future Applications

Pediatric Tumor Predisposition Syndromes: Update on Clinical Phenotypes, Associated Tumors, and Clinical Approaches to Surveillance

RNA and Gene Therapy in the Clinic – From Discovery to Treatment Implementation

Implementation of Whole Genome Sequencing as an Example of How to Bridge the Divide Between Research and Clinical Practice

Prenatal Diagnostic Challenges

Sex Chromosome Trisomies - To Screen or Not to Screen? - That is the Question

Bringing the New Era of Mitochondrial Genomic Medicine to Geneticists

Unexpected Findings Across the Lifespan: Challenges of Reporting Incidental and Secondary Findings in Young Patients   

A Primer on Regulatory and Compliance Agencies in Genetic Testing

Artificial Intelligence and Genomics – Powerful Tools in Pre- and Postnatal Decision Making

The Ehlers-Danlos Syndromes, Circa 2021: Clinical and Molecular Updates

What’s in a Panel? A Decade of Expanded Carrier Screening in Review

The Intersection Between Developmental Phenotypes and Perinatal Genomic Diagnoses   

Clinical Pharmacogenomic Testing: Current Best Practices and Future Landscape

Genetic Health Disparities: From Biology to Healthcare Delivery Systems

ACMG 2021 Cardinal Signs

R. Rodney Howell Symposium | Genetics in Medicine Presents: Spring 2021 COVID-19 State of the Science   

Plain People, Precision Medicine, and the Legacy of Victor McKusick

Power in Numbers: The Benefits of Rare Disease Consortia in Inborn Errors of Metabolism

Looking Beyond the Lamppost: Genome-First Approaches to Disease Prevalence, Penetrance, and Phenotype

The Evolution of Autopsy in the Era of Sequencing

Clinical, Legal, Ethical, and Economic Issues Surrounding Variant Reinterpretation

Diversity in Clinical Genetics Practices Around the World

Featured Platform Presentations

Platform Presentations- Cancer Genetics and Therapeutics

Platform Presentations -Genetic Counseling

Platform Presentations- Legal and Ethical Issues; Education

Platform Presentations- Clinical Genetics and Therapeutics

Platform Presentations- Public Health, Health Services and Implementation

Platform Presentations- Prenatal Genetics

Platform Presentations- Biochemical/Metabolic Genetics

Platform Presentations- Laboratory Genetics and Genomics

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Expires on 07/19/2023
Cost: ACMG Member: $349.00
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Postdoc/Trainee (M): $349.00
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Credit Offered: 62 CME (AMA) Credits
62 CME (Other) Credits
62 P.A.C.E. Credits
Contains: 3 Courses
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