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ACMG Member Informational Session: Understanding the Details of ACMG’s Position on HR 3235 - Dec 3
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Understanding the Details of ACMG’s Position on HR 3235
Thursday, December 3 from 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm ET
This session is for ACMG Members

Earlier this year, ACMG requested that additional language be added to HR 3235—the Access to Genetic Counselor Services Act—before ACMG could fully support the bill. To help our members understand why ACMG has taken this position, we want to provide an opportunity to hear directly from ACMG leadership so that you have accurate and current information, as well as to provide an opportunity to share your input and concerns.

ACMG supports reimbursement of genetic counselors for genetic counseling services - but not for the independent practice of medicine. Our proposed amendments to HR 3235 would not impede the direct reimbursement of genetic counselors, nor would they preclude genetic counselors from ordering genetic testing. Our proposed amendments would, however, encourage continuation of the collaborative environments that most benefit patients. Specifically, we are requesting the addition of brief language to support such collaborative relationships. We know that we work best for patients and public health when we work together, and that is our goal. ACMG will continue to strive for appropriate language to both support our genetic counselor colleagues and provide optimal patient care.

Please join ACMG leaders for this informational webinar for ACMG Members as we discuss the history behind HR 3235, important background issues including both state legislation and expanding scopes of practice, federal legislation to allow direct reimbursement, and our recommended language which would permit direct reimbursement for genetic counseling services and allow for flexible practice models.

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